How Google Assistant Could Help You Find Your Keys

You probably misplace your keys more times than you would like. Imagine not being able to find your car keys when you are running late for work. Yeah, I know the feeling. However, locating your keys is going to be easier than ever with Tiles tracking technology. 

Tiles have been manufacturing portable trackers that you can easily attach to your belongings since 2012. However, two new Tile trackers- Tile Mate and Tile Pro - have features that will make finding your missing keys easier than ever.

The new Tile Mate comes with a replaceable battery and can be located within 150ft range of your phone. Once your phone is within 150ft range of any item bearing the Tile Mate, the tracker gives off an alarm that makes locating the item easy.

The Tile Pro is even better in the sense that it has a better design and battery, as well as having a 300ft range which makes locating your items super easy. The Pro's alarm is louder than that of the Mate. 

What Does This Have to do With Google Assistant?

Tile has announced it will be making an update to its Google Assistant Integration. This update will allow you to ask your Google Home Assistant or smart display directly to find your missing items.

This feature, which will be launched later this year according to Tile, enables Google Assistant to support Tile’s voice-enabled 'direct ring' technology. The implication of this is that your Google Home speaker can directly connect with your missing items and activate the alarm. And the process is very easy and just like executing any other action with Google Assistant. 

With nothing more than "Hey Google, find my keys", your Tile trackers' alarm will be activated and you will easily find any missing item. 

Now, you have no excuse not to find your missing items. 


Main Photo Credit: The Tile App

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