How Virtual Reality is Impacting Healthcare


Imagine your friend who's a medical trainee telling you he's been inside a heart, that he's walked around a heart and inspected it and that he's watched how a particular defect affects the normal functioning of the heart. 

You'd probably think he's crazy. For me, I'd tell him/her to get a better dealer and stay away from low quality weed. 

But is he/she crazy? The answer is NO. Because your friend actually did all those things thanks to the Standford Virtual Heart.  With a VR headset and a remote to control the virtual heart, users can rotate and maneuver through the different sections of the heart and see the interior of the heart, the blood vessels and watch how the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body. 

This virtual heart experience will help doctors explain a patient's health condition to their family members. This is a lot easier to understand than using plastic models, sketches or diagrams. 

Medical trainees will find this virtual heart experience extremely useful as it provides an engaging way for them to learn about the various heart anomalies. It's far more understanding than any textbook, models, cadavers or online videos. They are going to see exactly what happens in the heart. They are going to walk inside the heart and examine it!

Virtual reality has a lot of benefits and we'll be doing an article about that soon. But this virtual heart experience is one of the applications of virtual reality that deeply affects all of us. The heart is a very important and complex organ and it's important we keep learning about it.

The Standford virtual reality heart provides medical trainees with a unique learning experience that cannot normally be achieved within the four walls of to classroom. And families of patients with heart defects can better understand the condition of their loved ones. 

Virtual reality has a place in every field, even medicine!


Main photo credit: Standford Children's Health


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