How to Install Google Chrome Themes

Google chrome is an amazing browser. It has almost everything you could ask for. Its sleek design, efficient tab management and high speed are some of the reasons for its popularity. 

Chrome is also safe and secure, sync across devices and is integrated with Google products like Gmail. It is the complete package. 

As awesome as Chrome is, it's easy to get tired of the browser's default background with nifty shades of grey. 

The good news is that you can use custom skins (themes) to add life to Chrome. Themes have amazing colours and beautiful background images. 

There are thousands of themes to explore in the Chrome Web Store and you will definitely find one you would like. There are themes based on topics like wildlife, space exploration and so much more. 

Installing a Chrome Theme

They are a lot of themes to choose from and you might have a difficult time about which to choose. There is an option that lets you sort the themes based on star ratings and between those created by Google and third parties. 

Generally, themes created by Google are of high quality. Those created by third parties have varying quality. Once you hover around a theme, you will see a brief description, date it was updated and the reviews. 

After you see a theme you want, click 'Add to Chrome' and your will see a new lease of life injected into your broweser. 

Removing a Theme

If at anytime you get tired of your current theme, you can easily remove it by resetting Chrome back to its default appearance. 

Go to 'Settings', click on 'Appearance', then select 'Reset to default'. 

When you are trying different themes in the theme store, there is no need to reset Chrome's appearance when you want to select a new theme. Just choose a new theme and the previous one will be replaced. 



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