Tattoo is one very popular body art. It involves the injection of tattoo pigments into the dermis. For most people, tattoo is a synonym for pain, and it is the main reason some people still hold back from indulging in the art. Well, on the average, I will say no pain no gain, but the good news is that the pain varies across different part of the body. Below are parts in the body that you can consider getting your tattoo and minimize your pain.

Ear Cartilage

Tattoos on the ear cartilage is a new trend that has enjoyed high-level acceptance. Designs here are beautiful and less painful when compared to traditional areas. 

Finger Nails

This tattoo is entirely painless because ur is applied to the keratin on the fingernail. The only con to it is that it is not permanent. It fades away as your nail continues to grow. 


Weird? Yea, the shoulder has fewer amounts of nerves and this helps reduces pain. Although it gives off a funny uncomfortable sensation of dull, background pain. 


A well-cushioned gluteus is a perfect place to get your tattoo. Because of the meaty area, the bones are far off and hence, there is reduced pain.


The Biceps has more cushion to absorb the impact of the needles and so is always the go-to place, especially for newbies.


Tattoos here are very painless. But if you are getting the tattoo there, be careful so as to avoid the bony wrist area on the forearm.

Tattoos can either be permanent or temporary. But the fact that permanent tattoos are called permanent, does not mean that they can not be removed. They are removed via laser treatments. Typically, black and some few colored inks can be removed more completely than inks of other colors.

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