The Extent To Which You See, Is Not Necessarily The End of The Road.

If there is anything this generation needs so badly, it would be the sermon of hope- hope that the future is bright, regardless of whatever it is that life is looking like now, and then the call to just go through with the process, and remain hopeful, because suicide is never an option.

This generation seems to have fast forgotten concepts about life not being a bed of roses. We seem not to have interests in reckoning with the "grass to grace" stories anymore.

All we want is Grace all the way. But ain't no such thing. Maybe we should go back to the stories of those we now look up to and fast want to be like. It wasn't all glamor for them, if it was, then it is not life. 

A quick look at Wole Soyinka's oratory dexterity and prominence would leave you bewildered at the fact that he graduated with a BSc, third class Hons.  Imagine the loss if he had decided to take his life then.

There are countless other stories of hope that we should constantly remind our weary souls. You don't have to have it all figured out in your 20s. It is totally fine if you don't know what your next step is.

Ignore all of the people who indulge themselves in glamorizing their process, those who make it seem like life is all good and no bad. Trust me, they have failures and bad days too. They only post when life is being good to them.

So, you are not alone, it is life, and we all have our fair share. Stay through with your process, and I promise you that better days are ahead. Share the message to people to stop suicide, share hope, and enjoy their humble beginnings.

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