Are fish scales the future of advanced technology?

You never know what the next big tech innovation is. So it's important you keep an open mind. Having an open mind is the key to finding innovation. Inspiration for the biggest upcoming technology could come from anywhere. Literally anywhere!

Okay, I know you must be wondering what all this pep talk is for. Don't worry, you will find out soon enough. 

Have you ever seen scales of dead fish and thought "That's the future of advanced technology". No? We are not surprised. Not many people give much thought to fish scales anyway. But fish scales could be the next power source. They could power electronics in the nearest future. No kidding!

A youtube channel going by the name 'Gross Science' posted a video about this amazing potential of fish scales. 

In the video uploaded by Gross Science, we learn that a group of physicists has been able to convert fish scales into tiny electrical generators. How cool is that? 

How Does it Work?

The scales, cartilage, tendons and bones of fish are made of a protein called collagen which is a piezoelectric material. Piezoelectric materials produce electric energy when they are subjected to mechanical stress. 

Fish scales are collected and put into a solution to make them flexible and transparent. They laminate the scales and turn them into biodegradable energy harvesters. They can be used to power small electronics, see-through and even heat. 

Fish scales are bicompatible and they have the potential to be utilized in the medical field. They can be used to power insulin pumps and pacemakers. 

So we hope you are feeling a little bit inspired by this. The next great idea can come from anywhere. So you have to start seeing things in a whole new light and believe there is possibility everywhere. 

Stay happy, keep an open mind and you might find yourself finding innovation in the strangest places. 





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