Parenting is no petty role. It is a big deal, and to a large extent, it determines the outcome of nurture in a man's life. You should already know that it is not something to just dabble into. To effectively parent, one would have to have undergone deliberate training learned from other people's experiences and even built his own ideology and guiding principles. This is true because there are several methodologies and school of thoughts to parenting. So you just have to carve out your personal principles and not be swayed by every parenting tip you hear.

This piece will now succinctly discuss a few parenting tips that you would need to hold on to. So, just sit back, relax, and get a cup of ice tea while we go through this, hand in hand, together.

Firstly and very importantly, build a friendly relationship with your kid(s). Parenting is made easy when you and your kid(s) communicate and transact as friends. They can be free around you and hence do not always have to live under the pressure of perfection whenever they are around you. Let them know that you love them by showing it and not just saying it. Forgive them easily and quickly, stand by them, listen to them, create time for them, support them, defend them and grow yourself to being their go-to-person.

Another very key thing is to study them. You can only effectively parent a child that you know well. Know their love language, understand their temperaments, know their areas of strength and weaknesses, their friends and hobbies. And yes, it is not just about knowing, act accordingly, respect their preferences and choices. And you are on your way to good parenting.

Parenting is a worthwhile job and should be treated as one. Yea I call it a job because it conveniently fits into the different activities that are tagged as jobs.

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