People can be intimidated for many reasons; reasons such as the reputation, body build, verbal language, accent, of themselves or even of other people. Once you understand what's driving your own feeling, then you can tackle it head-on. Remember that everything in your life is there for a reason, and your intimidator is no different, he is there to teach you this lesson because, throughout life, you will always feel intimidated by one thing or the other, so the earlier you learned how not to, the better equipped you'll be to face life.

Below are the steps that you should follow if genuinely, you are tired of being intimidated and you want to feel in control again.

Shift your focus from your inadequacies

Shift your focus from what you think you need to do to measure up, focus on the areas of your strength and most especially, love yourself for who you are. If you do, soon enough people will follow suit. Understand that people answer to your charisma and the way you carry yourself before they look to what you have.

Be conscious of your thought pattern

The next time you find yourself feeling intimidated, notice what you are believing. Then ask yourself if it is really true. It is possible that your mind is only playing on your intelligence. Challenge the rules you have learned to live by and take out the time to figure out who you really are.

Try to go out more often; around the things that intimidate you

In my past, I used to think that girls that looked all prim and proper, would want nothing to do with a girl like me, but guess what, I began to mingle with them and guess what I found; Even your biggest idol, or the head of the company or whoever intimidates you, is still just a person. They have relationship struggles, insecurities, things they’re trying to prove, obstacles they’re trying to overcome, fears they’re battling, people they’re hoping to impress, bills they have to pay, etc.

So always remember, the people you view on the highest of pedestals, also cry when they’re alone, and do whatever else it is that makes us all completely and utterly human. But you won't know this if you keep your distance. Go around them and intimidation will flee.

Intimidation is a normal phenomenon, it can be controlled and put in check. If you follow the guidelines above, you will be fine. People can sense when you are intimidated by a person. Work on your intimidations fast enough before it begins to tear you down and stall your progress.


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