War against corruption



Maybe it is needless to mention that the dishonesty and abuse of power undertaken by persons in authority or, by organizations entrusted with some level of authority for private gain, is what is conceptualized as corruption. But then, for formality sake, I just did.

Corruption, like many of us, will construe, is not just a political term, it occurs among different human clusters, and can be applied in different parlance.  But in the real sense of things, corruption is the natural wiring of all humans; we are configured to be corrupt. Going back in time, we will recall that man in his state of nature is short, brutish, nasty, and selfish. So this explains why an average man is self-interested and self-centered. But this notwithstanding, corruption or self-interest is never justifiable. This is true because the evolution of man puts into account the fact that once man is worked on by both nature and nurture, he begins to evolve from his natural state to get to an equilibrium point where he is more humane and less self-centered. So like you are already guessing, fighting corruption will be tantamount to fighting man.

But then, you will agree with me that this war is not of weapons or the display of martial skills, but the war of the mind- yes! the brutish, individualistic, and self-centered state of man's mind. This war is as much a collective fight as it is an individualistic fight. We have to wake up to this call and desist from being so self-consumed

Every now and then, we all find ourselves in the position of power and then we are tempted to give in to the pressure to be corrupt. You know, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So, now in warring against corruption, you need to ask yourself if you are ready?

Ready to join the war?

Ready to sacrifice?

Ready to be corrected?

Ready to shun Nepotism?

Are you ready to stand for the right things?

Because only then can we efficiently war against corruption and see the spark of change that the world needs.


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