Why you Need a Good Night Rest


You need to sleep well at night if you want to stay healthy. A good night rest is as important as your diet and exercise routines. 

Modern lifestyle is interrupting with natural sleep patterns. The quality and quantity of sleep nowadays have drastically reduced.

You will be surprised by the effect that poor sleep is having on your health. Some of these effects are life-threatening. But they could be easily avoided by sleeping well at night. Now, that's not a difficult thing to do, right?

Below are reasons why you should endeavour to sleep well at night:

Poor Sleep Makes you Gain Weight

Poor sleep is one of the causes of weight gain and obesity. If you are trying to lose weight, then you need to get adequate sleep. 

Also, obesity increases the risk of diseases like stroke and diabetes. You'll be doing yourself a lot of favour by sleeping well at night. 

Poor Sleep Reduces Performance, Concentration and Productivity

Your concentration and productivity are greatly reduced when you are sleep deprived. A good night sleep, on the other hand, improves memory, productivity and problem-solving skills. 

Poor Sleep can Cause Depression

Poor sleep can cause a number of mental health problems particularly depression. Depression on the other can lead to suicide. It is important you get adequate sleep in order to have a good mental health. 

Sleep Boosts Your Immune System

Your immune function improves when you get adequate sleep. People who sleep well are less susceptible to diseases. Adequate sleep also helps fight the common cold. If you get colds often, a good night rest could be all you need. 


Sleep is important for your well-being. There is no way you can achieve optimal health without adequate sleep. Eat well, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep and you will be as healthy as anyone can be. 


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